Resurrecting My Writing

Just recently I have taken some time off from teaching, and it has opened up the door for me to write again. It’s been awhile; my last book was published in 2021! So here I am, with a bunch of ideas I’d like to try. I’m super excited about what’s next for me. I will be submitting to 2 publications this week. Prayers appreciated!

My Bucket List item is getting into Chicken Soup for the Soul, and they are doing another Cat Stories Book! Do I ever have a cat story! Our Orange Tabby, Daisy, wandered in to a hole in the floor, where we had pulled up some moldy plywood. When we could not find her, after we had screwed in the new plywood, we panicked. Read the 2024 Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul to see what happened!

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Theresa has been been a teacher of all ages for 37 years. She has been published in two national magazines and her column, "Rising Stars" appeared in The Cape Coral Breeze Newspaper. She has published five books on Amazon, and is very grateful for her husband, Rich, their daughters, Michelle, Caroline and Christyanne, and their son-in-law, Jesse.

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