Don’t Be Afraid to Suck

I love author Jessica Brody! Her Save the Cat Writes a Novel is so incredibly helpful. She writes in a very real way, which resonates. I can’t wait to purchase her other excellent books!

As I work on my next two projects, a children’s book and an adult novel, I remember Jessica’s words, “Don’t be afraid to suck.” I also think about author, Anne Lamott, when she said, “Just get down your Shitty First Draft, aka SFD.

This takes so much pressure off! Just. Get. It. Down. You’re going to revise it 978 times anyway! Writing is such a mental game. We get started, judge ourselves severely, then abandon a potentially inspirational project! We need to get over ourselves and our fears and, as Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Now, to practice what I am preaching here and get on with it! I have a longggg way to go with my two new books, but today is a new day, and I will strive to be compassionate toward every word I write.

Happy Writing, fellow authors!

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Theresa has been been a teacher of all ages for 37 years. She has been published in two national magazines and her column, "Rising Stars" appeared in The Cape Coral Breeze Newspaper. She has published five books on Amazon, and is very grateful for her husband, Rich, their daughters, Michelle, Caroline and Christyanne, and their son-in-law, Jesse.

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